Long-awaited report on Washington’s future growth released

By: Tadeu Velloso

The William D. Ruckelshaus Center recently released its long-awaited report on the Growth Management Act and related laws as applied to the future growth of Washington State.  In 2017, the Washington State Legislature allocated funds to the Center for a two-year project to create a “Road Map to Washington’s Future.” The project’s purpose was to articulate a vision of Washington’s desired future and identify additions, revisions, or clarifications to the state’s growth management and planning framework needed to reach that future. To understand how the framework aligns with, creates barriers to, and/or supports the desired future of the communities it is meant to serve, the Project Team traveled across the state, gathering information and hearing from nearly 2,500 individuals, which included approximately 400 elected officials.

 The report includes some suggested avenues of transformational and systemic change including:

                1. Funding and revenue generation through equitable and reliable sources;

                2. Adaptive planning at a regional scale through exploration of an Adaptive Management, regionally-focused approaches, and consultation between governments;

                3. Resilience to changing conditions and disasters;

                4. Statewide water planning;

                5. Integration of equity into growth planning; and

                6. A statewide Economic Development Strategy and integrating Ports into Growth Planning.

 To read all four volumes of the report, click here.

Stacey Tuesta