Land Use and
Environmental Law

Our land use and environmental attorneys advise and represent property owners throughout the real estate acquisition and development process.  The firm’s experience and well-established relationships with a wide range of industry groups, state regulators, and local governments enables our team to provide comprehensive legal advice resulting in successful outcomes for our clients. 

Our land use experience includes:

  • Securing permits for nearly 1.7 million square feet of warehouse distribution center space in Thurston County

  • Assisting residential developers with plat approvals for projects ranging in size from 4 to nearly 1,000 lots

  • Working with development clients and property owners on strategies to retain entitlements to plats, approvals, and permits during the Great Recession and ongoing real estate crisis

  • Advising and representing shoreline property owners in public hearings and appeals associated with local Shoreline Master Program amendments

Our Services:

  • Land use entitlement due diligence and permitting

  • Land Use Petition Act (LUPA) Appeals

  • Subdivisions and Platting

  • Conditional/Special Use Permits

  • Zoning, Rezoning, and Variances

  • Master Plans

  • Planned Unit Developments

  • Reasonable Use Exceptions

  • Development Agreements

  • Comprehensive Plan Amendments

  • Code Amendments

  • Eminent Domain

  • Essential Public Facility Permitting

  • Growth Management Act Regulation and Appeals

  • Shoreline Regulation, Permitting and Appeals

  • Critical Areas Regulation, Permitting and Appeals

  • Corps of Engineers Permitting

  • NPDES Permitting

  • SEPA/NEPA Review

  • Federal Endangered Species Act Regulation and Permitting

  • Conservation Easements

  • Model Toxics Control Act (MTCA) Liability and Defense